Event CancellationInsurance Application

ShowDown® Event Cancellation Insurance Application

Event Cancellation Insurance for Event Organizers that provides "all risk" protection for all your special events.
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Applicant Information
1. Name of organization applying for insurance:
Contact Name:
2. Telephone Number: Fax Number:
3. Email Address:  
4. IAEE Member? Yes No If Yes, IAEE#:
Event Information
5. Name of Event:
6. Type of Event: Tradeshow/Exposition Convention/Meeting  
(Check all that apply) Consumer/Public Show Other
7. How many years has this event been held under present management?
8. Lease Move-In Date:
Lease Move-Out Date:
9. Event Start Date:
Event End Date:
10. Name of Venue: City of Venue:
    State of Venue:
11. Does your event include a Golf Tournament? Yes No  
If so, Date: Location:
12. Would you like a quote for Gross Revenue or Expenses? (check one)
  Gross Revenue Expenses  
List budgeted Gross Revenue from the event: $
List budgeted Expenses from the event: $
If a Consumer or Public Show, what percentage of Gross Revenue comes from Gate Receipts? %
For Questions 13-21 Please Check Yes or No:
13. Does the event include any teleconferencing? Yes No
14. Will the event be held outdoors and/or under canvas? Yes No
15. Will the venue require construction work? Yes No
16. Have all the necessary arrangements for the successful fulfillment of the event been made? Yes No
17. Have all necessary licenses, visas, and/or permits been obtained and have all contractual arrangements been confirmied in writing? Yes No
18. Do the sums represented in question 12 represent the full extent of your financial responsibilies? Yes No
19. Has the event to be insured ever sustained and insured loss? Yes No
20. Would the non-appearance of any individual preclude the successful fulfillment of the event? Yes No
21. Is the applicant aware of any circumstances, actual or threatened, that may possibly result in a claim under this insurance? Yes No
To the best of my knowledge and belief the information provided in this application, whether in my own hand or not, is true and I have not withheld any material facts. I understand that non-disclosures or misrepresentation of a material fact will entitle the company to void the insurance. I understand that signing the Application does not bind me to complete the insurance but agree that should an insurance policy be issued, this application and the statements made therein shall form the basis of the insurance.
I Agree I Disagree Initials: Date:

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Questions: Contact Mary Beth Ryan at (212) 697-1010 ext 22.



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