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Individual Health and Life Insurance Programs

Term Life Insurance
There are many forms of low-cost guaranteed premium policies available. We offer policies from all major term insurance companies. There are plans for level premium periods ranging from 5 to 30 years.
Universal Life Insurance
Universal life insurance is the current form of �permanent� insurance. This policy can be structured to fit many personal, business or estate planning needs
Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC)
Long term care insurance provides protection for the cost of in-home or nursing home care. LTC is more important now than ever before. Many of the traditional family caregivers are no longer available. The cost of care in a facility or in the home is approaching $300 per day. LTC gives you terrific peace of mind.
Individual Medical Insurance
Quality medical insurance is available to individuals and well as groups. There are of plans available that offer benefits from �in-network� providers as well as �any provider�. Call us for details.

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