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Business Owners and Executives Insurance Programs

The program is designed to provide competitively priced insurance and extraordinary service to ad agency owners from an insurance broker who is highly knowledgeable in the needs of Ad Agencies. Our firm has been providing insurance to over Ad Agencies for more than 15 years. The Business Owners Insurance provides a package of building, personal property, computer hardware, general and umbrella liability and automobile insurance. The program is designed especially for ad agencies and is flexible enough to meet the most unusual need. “One size never fits all!”

Our firm specializes in insurance for advertising agencies and we see the challenges faced by ad agency insurance buyers every day. Many agencies look at us as their insurance back office.

Download Applications:
Business Owner Property/General Liability Insurance Application
Specialty Errors and Omissions Insurance Application
Employment Practices Liability Insurance Application
Management Liability Insurance Application
Cyber Liability Insurance Application

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John Buttine Inc.
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